Manuel Mertl Discusses What Sets TAGBASE Apart: A Special Interview on Surpassing the Competition

Interviewer: Manuel, welcome to London. Today’s discussion revolves around TAGBASE’s distinctive edge in the market. Could you elaborate on what sets TAGBASE apart, especially considering the competition?

Manuel Mertl: Thank you, it’s wonderful to be here. Indeed, what truly differentiates TAGBASE is our holistic approach to product authentication. Unlike traditional methods, we don’t just stop at securing the product; we extend this security to verify the identities of the manufacturers themselves. This comprehensive strategy, combined with our dynamic NFC technology that operates without an app, places us in a unique position where, in essence, we face minimal competition.

Interviewer: That’s a bold statement. How does this approach benefit your customers?

Manuel Mertl: Our method offers unparalleled assurance of authenticity to both businesses and consumers. By validating the manufacturer’s identity, we’re not just fighting counterfeits; we’re building a trust ecosystem. For example, companies like use our technology to integrate authenticity verification directly on their websites, enhancing customer trust and streamlining the purchasing process.

Interviewer: So, it sounds like TAGBASE is tackling the problem from multiple angles. How crucial has this been in developing your solution?

Manuel Mertl: Absolutely critical. Counterfeiting is a complex issue that demands a multifaceted solution. Our holistic approach, which encompasses both the product and its origin, ensures a level of security and trust that current market solutions simply cannot match. It’s this comprehensive security model that truly sets TAGBASE apart.

Interviewer: And how are you protecting this innovative approach?

Manuel Mertl: We’re in the process of filing a patent to safeguard our unique method and technology. It’s paramount to protect the intellectual property that underpins our holistic solution, ensuring TAGBASE remains a leader in the market.

Interviewer: With such an advanced solution, what keeps TAGBASE motivated to continuously innovate in this space?

Manuel Mertl: The motivation stems from witnessing the limitations of existing solutions. We’re driven by the challenge to offer a secure, user-friendly product authentication solution that addresses the complexities of counterfeiting. TAGBASE is committed to creating a safer, more transparent market for brands and consumers alike.

Interviewer: Manuel, your journey to London to share TAGBASE’s vision and its distinctive solutions has been enlightening. Thank you for offering such in-depth insights into how TAGBASE is reshaping the product authenticity landscape.

Manuel Mertl: Thank you for the opportunity. We’re just at the beginning of our journey, and I’m excited about the future of TAGBASE and the significant impact we’re set to make in ensuring product authenticity globally.

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