Bridging the real world with the virtual one

The Future of Product Authenticity

Bridging the real world with the virtual one

A platform to prove authenticity of physical items with the help of uncopyable and tamper proof NFC tags based on encryption algorithms.

Uncopyable and tamper proof tags

We support a new chip generation that offers state-of-the-art features for security and privacy protection on attack-resistant certified silicon.

Verify goods without a mobile application

As a customer you can verify authenticity for any product or item without the need of installing a specific mobile application.

Advanced analytics

As our customer you can collect real-time business insights to see how often your products have been scanned around the world.

API access

Direct access to our system on an API level to support automated processes. Developer friendly and easy to use.

Generic design

We can represent any product or item in our system, no matter if fungible or non-fungible via our generic representation model.

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How it Works

Giving physical products a digital identity by linking them to item representations via uncopyable and tamper proof NFC tags


Define - your type of product.

Our generic representation model allows to create virtual representations for any products or items.

  • Fungible (e.g. boxes of pharmaceutical pills of the same type)
  • Non-Fungible (e.g. a limited edition wine, where each bottle has a specific number or a painting of a famous artists that only exists once in the world)


Order or self configure - the NFC tags.

We support a new chip generation that offers state-of-the-art features for security and privacy protection.

  • It is up to you if you want to order the ready to use and pre-configured NFC tags with us
  • or if you want to use our user interface or our APIs and configure the NFC tags yourself, to support your automated processes.


Scan - the product.

Your customers do not need to install a mobile application, which makes our solution easy to use.

  • Your customers verfiy product authenticity by simply touching the tag on your product with a NFC capable device.
  • Instant verification of products, documents, parcels etc.


Analytics - for more business insights.

Gather more information about your customers on how, where and when they interact with your products.

  • Find out how often your products are being scanned
  • and which countries these scans are coming from


Please find some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers below.

We do not use easily copyable QR-codes or standard
NFC tags where the content can just be copied and transferred
to another chip. Our solution also does not just rely on a UID that comes with NFC tags in order to identify a product.

Tagbase uses encryption algorithms and secret keys to provide a new unique content on every scan. This content can then be verified on the server side.

Our solution fits all needs, no matter if you are an artist and plan to provide a product authenticity feature for your next unique painting, or if you are a pharmaceutical company and think of tagging thousands of boxes in order to give your customers more trust. Another great use-case for our solution is to identify documents in order to proof authenticity.

Yes, we provide features that allow you to see every single scan in real time. You are able to see which country the scan is coming from and at what time. This allows you to identify countries where the trust in your products might be the weakest.

Buyers do not need to install a mobile application in order to verify product authenticity. The entire verification process is done via the mobile web-browser, which increases customer satisfaction.

Depending on the configuration of your digital twin the customer will either be redirected to our own verification page where we show details about the product and the status of the current scan or the customer will be redirect to your website of choice and you are able to query the scan status from there to provide the information.

Yes, all of our features provided by our management web application can also be used via our API. This allows for easier automatization of individual workflows when it comes to creation and configuration of your digital twins.

Sure, feel free to reach out to us via email (subject demo) and we will get back to you shortly.

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