About Us

We're bridging the real world with the virtual one.

A platform to prove authenticity of physical items with the help of uncopyable and tamper proof NFC tags based on encryption algorithms.


Manuel Mertl

Chief Executive Officer
Highly skilled information technology professional with 17+ years work experience in the areas of software development and requirements engineering.

Mario Uher

Chief Technology Officer
An innovative and visionary CTO leading our dynamic technology startup with a keen eye for cutting-edge solutions, a passion for driving digital transformation, and exceptional leadership.

Dr. Felix Exner

Chief Operating Officer
Our accomplished COO adeptly orchestrates operational excellence, leveraging strategic insights and fostering seamless collaboration to drive the success of our technology startup.
Our approach

Results oriented

At our tech startup, we take pride in our results-oriented approach, fostering a dynamic work environment where innovation thrives and accomplishments are celebrated. Our team's relentless drive to achieve meaningful outcomes ensures that we continuously exceed expectations and create impactful solutions for our clients.


What's our secret? Great people.

The human element

TAGBASE's success lies in the unparalleled talents of our exceptional team. We believe that fostering a diverse and talented workforce is the cornerstone of our innovation and enables us to turn challenges into opportunities.

Our values


At our tech startup, authenticity is ingrained in everything we do, driving us to build genuine relationships with our customers and deliver products that resonate with their unique needs.


Embracing the spirit of togetherness, we empower our team to collaborate seamlessly, creating innovative solutions that make a positive impact on the world.


With gratitude at the core of our values, we cherish the support of our customers and team, which inspires us to continually strive for excellence in everything we do.


Transparency is the foundation of our tech startup, as we believe in open communication and accountability to build trust with our stakeholders and drive collective growth.


Driven by a shared passion for innovation, our startup seeks to be a beacon of inspiration, empowering individuals and businesses to reach new heights of success.


Exemplifying our core values, we prioritize exceptional service, striving to consistently exceed customers' expectations and deliver unparalleled value through our tech solutions.

Do you want to join our team and help us shaping The Future of Product Authenticity?