Introducing TAGBASE Verified Keys (TVK): Digital Identity Verification

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring authenticity and security is paramount. TAGBASE has long been at the forefront of this mission, with innovative solutions like TAGBASE Verified Identities (TVI) that help verify domain ownership. Now, we are excited to … Read More

Bridging the Gap in Supply Chains – The Digital vs. Physical Disconnect

In today’s fast-paced world, supply chain traceability and management are critical buzzwords across industries. Companies invest heavily in sophisticated systems to track and manage the flow of goods from manufacturers to consumers. However, one glaring issue often gets overlooked: How … Read More

Austrian Blockchain Award 2024 – NOMINATED

🎉 We are thrilled to announce that TAGBASE has been selected as a nominee for the prestigious Austrian Blockchain Award 2024! 🏆 This nomination by ABC Research and Wirtschaftskammer Wien is a significant milestone for us, and we couldn’t be happier to be recognized … Read More

Tokenization of Real-World Assets: TAGBASE’s Role in Bridging Physical and Digital Realms

In the dynamic landscape of asset tokenization, TAGBASE emerges as a pivotal player, facilitating the seamless integration of physical assets into the digital realm. Let’s delve deeper into how TAGBASE revolutionizes asset tokenization while addressing its limitations and strengths. Tokenization, … Read More

Embracing the Future: Digital Identity for Physical Items

In the era of digital transformation, the concept of identity is expanding beyond individuals to encompass physical items. With the rise of IoT, blockchain, and NFC technology, items are evolving to possess their own unique digital identities, akin to passports … Read More

Understanding the Global Threat of Counterfeiting and Product Piracy

Counterfeiting and product piracy are not just criminal activities; they represent significant threats to public safety, economic stability, and consumer trust. Europol’s recent report delves into the depth and breadth of these illicit practices, providing insights into their impact across … Read More

Introducing TAGBASE MINTED TOKENS (TMT): Bridging Physical Products and Digital Ownership

In a world where the line between the physical and digital increasingly blurs, TAGBASE is set to redefine the concept of product authenticity and ownership with our latest innovation: TAGBASE MINTED TOKENS (TMT). This cutting-edge feature not only solidifies TAGBASE’s … Read More

Manuel Mertl Discusses What Sets TAGBASE Apart: A Special Interview on Surpassing the Competition

Interviewer: Manuel, welcome to London. Today’s discussion revolves around TAGBASE’s distinctive edge in the market. Could you elaborate on what sets TAGBASE apart, especially considering the competition? Manuel Mertl: Thank you, it’s wonderful to be here. Indeed, what truly differentiates … Read More

Introducing TAGBASE Verified Identities (TVI): Elevating Product Authenticity to New Heights

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and e-commerce, the battle against counterfeit products remains a paramount challenge for brands and consumers alike. Amidst this backdrop, TAGBASE has emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering a robust solution that leverages NFC … Read More

Combating Counterfeiting in the Cannabis Market

In the burgeoning landscape of the legalized cannabis and CBD market, authenticity and trust are the cornerstones upon which consumer confidence is built. Yet, this nascent industry faces a formidable challenge: counterfeiting. The proliferation of fake products not only undermines … Read More